Professional restaurant equipment by Elektrolux

MARAN Projekt GmbH is a supplier of professional turnkey restaurant equipment in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

For your restaurant equipment, it is necessary not only to have special equipment but also to install and use it properly. We do not just deliver material to you, but also offer turnkey installation, replacement or repair services; we take into account all requirements (time, labor, energy consumption, etc.). Correctly, chosen design of the equipment, as well as accessories, the possibility of manual or automatic control ensure optimum operation of the kitchen. To know more, please visit our website and buy restaurant equipment or  restaurantausrűstung  (in German) now.

Electrolux restaurant equipment price

Typically, restaurant equipment is quite expensive, so the question of value for money is fundamental. Our restaurant equipment is supplied and installed on a turnkey basis not only in Hamburg but also in other cities and contains kitchen appliances of various parameters and characteristics of your choice.

As a supplier with many years of experience in selling professional equipment for restaurants, we recommend our customers only the safest, functional and inexpensive material for restaurants and turnkey equipment. Detailed information, a description of the technical specifications can be requested from our managers.

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