Ways to Apply Perfume Properly

Nowadays there’s an etiquette for everything. There are rules on how to apply makeup, dress, etc. Clearly, they keep changing and what was acceptable decades ago is not appropriate now. However, the etiquette of perfume application stays the same. Let’s find out the major ways how to apply your favorite fragrance.

3 ways to put on perfume

The first way is often called The Step of Aphrodite. Basically, you spray the perfume in the air and then walk into the cloud of your favorite scent. However, you should mind that this way you lose a lot to the air. If you are on a tight budget, you’d better try other ways.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t spray the perfume on your clothes and jewelry. The oils and other ingredients can ruin them or leave stains.

When you buy perfumes online, you should also look up if there are other products in the collection. Often brands release shower gels, lotions, etc. of the same scent. Use them to add extra layers of your favorite fragrance. It’ll not only save your precious perfume but keep it longer on your skin.

One more trick is you spray a hairbrush with it and comb your hair. As you move through the day, your hair will emanate the light, gentle smell.

You can apply the perfume in an old-fashioned way, on the pulse points. Stick to one way or combine them as you wish to achieve the perfect balance and a long-lasting aroma.

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