The core arguments of why guitarists need to learn music theory

When it goes about learning the theory of music, many of guitarists are trying to find numerous persuasive arguments to avoid this part of this musical study process. Usually, they find it difficult to understand what is the major value of all these rules and to see why it is so important in practice.

The importance of learning music theory

In general, music theory is a huge amount of knowledge that allows the musicians to read the notes and to deeply understand the term of harmony. So, why is learning the theory of music is an inevitable part of the process of playing the guitar?

  • It offers you an ability to better understand and analyze what you are listening to and as a result, you will be able to play by ear
  • By learning theory, you could easily write your own melodies by translating your musical ideas into the music sheet
  • By managing the music vocabulary in a skillful way, you will be able to effectively formulate your own concept
  • Having basic theory knowledge will help you to improve your playing techniques and properly understand the music, you can also find this information in the musical society
  • No matter what musical instruments other play, by keeping in mind the essential points of music theory, you could improve the communication with other musicians
  • By learning the basics of music language, you will be able to better communicate your musical ideas to others
  • If you are knowledgeable in the language of music and you can demonstrate your competence in this field, you will be on the same wavelength with the professional musicians, so you could exchange experience and gain new important skills from the communication with them

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