Top questions to ask professional cleaners

To find a good cleaning service, there are certain questions that you need to ask potential candidates. Their answers will help you sort out available options and choose the best one for your cleaning needs.

How to find a high-quality cleaning service

Finding a high-quality cleaning service is a daunting task for many homeowners. Ask important questions to potential candidates to end up with the best one. Write down customized instructions when needed.

How do they set their rates? Some companies charge hourly rates, while others charge by a project. Get an approximate estimate before hiring anyone and compare rates to end up with a reasonable price.

Are they licensed and insured? Cleaning services must have liability insurance to cover all broken, missing, and damaged items. It provides homeowners with protection and security when getting professional help. Inform providers if you have the items that require special care.

Do they bring cleaning equipment and supplies? Reputable companies use eco-friendly and advanced products for cleaning.

What services are included? If you prefer daily cleaning chores and want professionals to take care of window-washing, dusting, floor scrubbing, or other things, let them know in advance because the price may go higher.

How long have they been in this business? A brand-new cleaning company isn’t your best choice if you want to get excellent results.

Can you get everything in writing? This step can help you avoid any possible disagreements in the future.

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