Choosing the right chainsaw type

The one is better: gasoline or electric chainsaw? It is acute only for those who have access to a stationary power supply. If you are a non-professional worker, then the answer is one. Find a gasoline chainsaw. The gasoline chainsaw is antistatic. It can work even in the rain. But it is more harmful to the sawyer. Toxic substances are emitted during the engine is working. If you work outdoors it does not cause much discomfort to you. But it is better not to use such equipment inside the building.

It is more difficult to work with a gasoline chain saw. Each time it is required to start its engine and constantly monitor its speed. It is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture (gasoline and oil in the proportion specified by the manufacturer), which should be drained before storage or transportation. It’s very important.

Electric chainsaws advantages and main tips

Electric models have less vibration. It is more convenient to work with them. You get less tired and more precise. Electric chainsaws are quieter. This is important in the private house. Such devices are cheaper to operate and require less cost to purchase. You can visit and choose the best chainsaw you need right now.


If the selected model is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system, you will have one less problem. Lubrication is needed. The chain slides better on the tire and less heated. It is desirable to use oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. Work without lubrication leads to accelerated wear of the tire and chain. And it also reduces the performance of the saw, so you need to monitor the presence of oil in the tank. This basic and simple information will help you to choose the exact chainsaw.

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