Trodax – we are a new trading platform provides an online tool that gives an opportunity for users to trade in some different virtual currencies via Bitfinex or Binance exchange. Leading experts who follow the development of new technologies created our platform Trodax. Today, there is a tendency to automate devices so that everything works automatically and will done instead of you. Today many systems use automatic bots to save your users time. Our trading bot performs operations and works on your request.
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Our transactional bot works on a 24/7 basis. No matter what time the user wants to make a purchase or sale, it also does not matter where he is located. What do you need to do to start the bot? Since Trodax platform provides for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency through the exchange, you will need to choose for yourself a currency pair in the settings, and further is a matter of time. Our system designed so that you do not lose your funds, and earn a profit during any sale or purchase operation. It will done by following: the bot does not sell your currency cheaper than its market value on the exchange. The price may not be lower than average, so this is a sign of your profit.

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