Marketing platform as an indispensable tool for e-commerce

The Internet and online resources have conquered the world a long time ago. The network gives the opportunity not only for making your private life easier but for developing your business as well. It is difficult to imagine the company that doesn’t use the Internet in its work. And marketing platforms become really new evolution for business.


The purpose of the marketing platform is an integrated approach to sales management through the website and an indispensable increase in these sales. The marketing platform does not reject the use of other online marketing tools, but it adds new features to them, for example, the possibility to use them in a complex that increases the strength of each of them. This certainly reduces the total price because each marketing tool separately costs more expensive.


  1. Measuring Advertising Effectiveness Module helps to identify ineffective and least effective advertising campaigns, thereby it helps to reduce the expenses on them.
  2. Lead Management Module allows to increase the conversion of the site visitors into real buyers.
  3. SEO Module determines which mistakes your website contains that can impede your progress and shows current positions on promoted key requests.
  4. Statistics and Analytics Module forms general site statistics, the number of visitors across all traffic channels, website conversion, and other indicators.
  5. Social Networking Module allows to manage publications in groups and getting their statistics.

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